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Used Leica Builder 505 5 Total Station

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Leica Builder 505 5" Reflectorless Total Station Package set

Used condition like new, calibrated and ready to work

Manufacturer year : 2011

Come with warranty 12 month

include :

- CTB101 Tribrach with optical plummet

- GEB211 Lithium-Ion batteries

- GKL221 Charger

- CPR111 Builder prism, true zero offset

- GLS115 Mini-Reflector pole set with point

- GEV223 Data cable TS-USB

- MS1,1GB USB-Stick


The “flagship” of the Leica Builder Series equipped with all of the above features plus wireless com-munication via Bluetooth, full laser distance measurements up to 250m/820ft and up to 1.5mm accuracy at 100m covers the full range of tasks to be performed on any construction site. An -30°C option is available additionally.